Father's Day & a BBQ Recipe

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Happy Father's Day weekend! This weekend was extra special because not only did I get to celebrate my Dad, but my friend Erica was in town from Seattle. She just graduated with his Master's in Nursing so we got to celebrate her too! In the summer my favorite thing to do on Sunday nights is BBQ and spend time in my parents backyard. We always eat great food, play games, and enjoy the great weather. When it comes to BBQ I like to play it simple. I decided to pick up Farmland® Pork Spareribs from Walmart and pair it with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. 
The first thing I did was cut the Farmland® Pork Spareribs into 4 pieces, put them in a glass container, and season them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I cooked them for 4 hours at 250 degrees in the oven. I love to bake meat in the oven before I BBQ it - mostly because I'm always worried about meat not being all the way done. It also helps the meat fall off the bone! After it baked on low, I covered the meat with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and put it on the grill.
 After a few minutes I flipped the meat and added more BBQ sauce to the other sauce. We BBQed it for about 12-15 minutes total since the meat had already baked in the oven previously.
Of course while our food was cooking we had to get a few family pictures to document Father's Day! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing Dad in my life. He loves me, guides me, and is always encouraging me. I also love the relationship my Dad and my husband have with each other. It's a great day to remember how important the Dad's in our life really are.
We shared an amazing meal of BBQ ribs accompanied by macaroni salad, veggies, and angel food cake salad. We played games, watched golf, and enjoyed good food and good people! The ribs were awesome and easy and definitely something I will make again.
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Hosting a Party with Palm Breeze

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my beautiful friend Brittany. Hosting a party can be overwhelming and I struggle with deciding on food, time, location - the whole thing. It's hard! Luckily my Mom is a pro and I had her by my side every step of the way! We had the shower in the afternoon and had a light menu of appetizers and desserts. By light, I mean SO MANY TREATS. But they were 'spring treats' so they hardly count. To compliment the food, we had a spring fruit punch and Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus!
baby shower ideas
I picked up Palm Breeze Ruby Red Citrus for the first time when I was at Fred Meyer grabbing last minute party supplies. I was excited to bring it home and try it out at our afternoon party! When I tried it (during party prep) I was surprised by how light and fresh it is.  It is a great drink for the summer and something that could be used to mix or perfect alone. I put a little fresh fruit from the party in my drink and it was delicious! Palm Breeze also comes in Pineapple Mandarin Orange and is a flavored malt beverage - which basically means it's an alcoholic drink with a malt base (like beer!) It's also the first drink unabashedly targeting women and is the perfect drink to share with your girlfriends, which is exactly what I did! It was also the perfect shade of light pink which gives it an A+ in my book. You have to try it!
hosting a party
baby shower drink
The party turned out perfect complete with a photo booth guest book, dessert bar, and baby gift bingo.  Can we talk about how cute my DIY cake stands turned out? I purchased gold candlesticks and white plates at the Idaho Youth Ranch and we glued them together to make our own! Each plate stand only cost $2.50 and I'm SO excited to continue to use them in the future! It's such a fun way to set up a table and add character. My Mom made some AMAZING desserts and I'm still dreaming about the fruit pizzas (I seriously ate 5.) We were able to enjoy time together and Baby Rasmussen was showered with lots of amazing presents. He is going to be one well dressed little guy!  He also has a lot of people that already love him so much and can't wait for him to arrive!cake stand baby shower
We had a great time enjoying the sunshine, sipping on Palm Breeze (those of that are not in the mom to be category!) and just spending time together. I love celebrating with girlfriends all the amazing milestones in life. I can't believe we are in the baby stage! When did I get old?! Want to attend a Palm Breeze event? Make sure you check to see if a Palm Breeze/Blo Bar is coming to a city near you!

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Getting in Shape for Summer w/Lizz

Hello all!  This is Lizz, guest blogging for the beautiful Karissa.  Karissa and I met while going to school at The University of Idaho and I have been following her blogging journey since she began.  I am so excited for this opportunity to work with her! It seems to me that spring has been flying by faster and faster each year, giving me less time to go from my winter hibernation period to my summer craziness.  In this brief spring I often forget that bikini and sundress season is just around the corner.  Today I’m sharing some easy steps to get you ready for all of  the wonderful summer activities (and outfits) we enjoy!

Step 1: Be confident!

This is the key to feeling good in your body.  Appreciate what your body can do for you each day.  Look in the mirror and find ten things you really, really like about how you look (the way your hair falls around your face, the small freckle near your eye, the smoothness of your calves, anything!).  When you’re feeling down remind yourself of all the things you love about your body.  Take the time each night to thank your body for what it has done you for throughout the day.

Fitness:  Here are some great moves to start toning your body for the upcoming outfit season!

Lateral Raises (define those shoulders):
Using an appropriate weight, stand facing a mirror with your hands by your side, facing in.  Slowly lift both arms until they are parallel to the floor, creating a “T” with your body.  Be sure to lower slowly.  Repeat 10 Times.
Back Flies (tone your back):
Using an appropriate weight, start with your feet together with a slight bend in the knees and bend slightly from the waist (the further forward you bend the harder the move becomes!).  Keeping a slight bend in the elbow, raise your arms to the side, hands facing down.  Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together and lower slowly.  Repeat 10 times.

Pec Press (keep your chest perky):
Using an appropriate weight lay on a bench or workout ball and raise your arms straight up with hands facing forward.  Slowly lower the weights to the outside of your chest and then raise them up again.  Repeat 10 times.

        Side Planks (create that hourglass figure):
Start by placing your elbow or hand directly under your shoulder.  Stack your feet or keep one knee bent and raise your body into a straight line.Hold for 30 sec. on either side.

Planks with Movement (flatten your stomach):
To really burn your core, add movement to your planks.  Try bringing one knee to your chest, bring it back into position and then try the other.  Or add rows, again lifting one arm at a time. Repeat each move for 1 min.        

Squats (lift your booty):
The ever popular squat is popular for a reason!  Start with your feet facing forward and your legs apart. Bending at the knees and hips, move back into a seated position.  Make sure your knees do not jut out past your toes and that you don’t go past a 90 degree angle.  When you rise up, squeeze your booty and press your pelvis forward. Repeat 15 times.

Pile Squats (tone your inner thighs):
This variation of the squat will help shape your booty (give it a full, round shape) as well as tone your inner thigh.  Start with legs wide apart and feet facing out.  Drop into the squat creating 90 degree angles with both legs.  Keep your pelvis tucked and use your legs to push yourself back up.  
Repeat 15 times.

Bridges (tone your hamstrings):
Most likely your hamstrings have been hiding under your pants all winter and what we don’t see we 
tend to forget.  Lay with your back flat on the floor and knees bent, facing up.  Squeezing your booty, lift your body into the bridge position.  You can either hold this position or do small pulses. 
Hold or pulse for 30 seconds.
Repeat the above workout 3-5 times.  Don’t forget to warm-up properly first, complement your strength with cardio, and always spend 10-15 minutes minimum on flexibility and stretching.

Nutrition:  Here are some great nutrition tips to help you feel your best this summer! Avoid high salt and high fat. Both of these can cause bloating and stomach discomfort- never a good feeling.  Keep your gut feeling great by limiting salt and fat.  When you do go overboard on either of these, turn to the next two tips to help get you back to feeling your best. This is such an important factor- especially in the heat of the summer.  Regularly consuming water will help reduce bloating, give you energy, help you absorb nutrients, and keep your skin tight and glowing.  

Everyone has a different optimal daily water intake (fun fact: mine is 60 oz.) but aim for 64 oz. and see how that feels. These foods are packed with nutrients (vitamins and minerals) while still being low in calories.  Spring and summer are great times for fruits and veggies since so many of them are in season.  Focus on fruits, veggies and lean proteins. with lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish help boost your protein intake.  

Spring tip: focus on greens like lettuce and sprouts which naturally detox your body from the heavy winter foods.

Hope this helps you get in summer shape!


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